Clorox Disinfecting Wipes

Clorox disinfecting wipes can really be a lifesaver around the house is all types of situations where a quick cleanup is needed. These germicidal and antibacterial wipes are perfect for cleaning spills, wiping up dust, and serve as an all-around straight, bleach alternative disinfectant. People use them for both residential and commercial use as a handi or even heavy wipe as needed.

clorox disinfecting wipesThe price of these Clorox wipes decreases when bought in bulk or when available coupons are applied to a purchase. There are discounts that are offered in weekly mailers as well as online printable coupons and coupon codes for shopping online at various retailers. The printable ones are quite convenient as they can be printed at home and taken to a local store for purchase. Although the discount codes that are available can get the same mark down prices, calculating the cost of shipping and tax should be considered to evaluate the lowest price point.

The Clorox disinfecting wipes canisters for home use are quite popular and can be seen in many homes across the country. The value pack is a top buy at wholesale stores like Costco and Sam’s Club. Even Walmart and Target sell these for a nominal price. The top scents are Lemon Fresh and Fresh Scent. Each canister usually holds 35 wipes, contains no phosphorus and claims to protect against 99.9% of bacteria. This is great for homes with young kids and children that are busy with school, sports and anything else. Sometimes there’s not enough to always wash your hands or other items that are dirty that interact with the outside world. So, using these handi wipes to clean countertop surfaces, bedroom areas and anything else you can think of really can help to stop the spread of germs with the antibacterial nature of the product.

Clorox Disinfecting Wipes Scents

Besides the useful disinfectant and germicidal properties, these Clorox wipes smell great. With the different scents, it’s easy to use these on all surfaces to make a room smell fresh without using a strong air freshener spray that will most often use harmful aerosols that are not eco-friendly. Speaking of chemicals, the Clorox company is a leading brand in household goods and provides all important ingredients and MSDS information for consumers and businesses like the helpful page here. This dedication to transparency really increases their trust factor and shows how much they stand behind their family of products and their devotion to keeping both the home and workplace safe. First aid instructions are readily available on their website, if need be.

One thing that is often overlooked is that these wipes are portable. They can be taken on the road on family trips, camping, or tailgating and bbqs. Anywhere that a possible clean up is needed, these handi wipes can be nearby to make the job painless and easy. Since everyone knows about them, they're familiar and easy to use. Even children can get in on the cleaning fun once the meal or event is done. These are safe, cost-effective and efficient for indoors and outdoors cleansing on all types of surfaces. Most plastics and countertops are ideal for these products. Some clean leather with it, but refer to the canister directions for confirmation regarding this. Also, use on computer screens is not recommended.

Clorox Pre Moistened Fresh Lemon Orange Scent Disinfecting Wipes 105 count
Clorox Pre Moistened Fresh Lemon Orange Scent Disinfecting Wipes 105 count
   US $15.99

Clorox Disinfecting Wipes - Antimicrobial & Germicidal

For homeowners that desire a bleach free cleaning product that’s quick and easy to clean in places like toilet surfaces, counters, appliances, bedrooms and living areas, Clorox has many products available. The top product that’s antibacterial and convenient is their popular germicidal Clorox disinfecting wipes.